Export Business Of The Year

Fitness Training Provider Wins Award

Fitness Training Provider Wins Export Business Of The Year

T30 Fitness Training Ltd picks up an export award at the Association Of Business Woman Awards.

Dianne Teo founder of T30 Fitness Training, an international fitness training company bagged the Export Business Of The Year award from her two successful scientifically devised concepts, that are currently trading in 14 countries worldwide.  

The concepts Fatburn Extreme® and GameFIT® have over 1,500 international instructors, delivering workouts to over 2 million participants. Both concepts have unique performance enhancing features, missing from other workouts.

The business began in Glasgow with a personal research project. Dianne took the results and designed Fatburn Extreme® a group fitness concept that enables clients to gets results quickly and effectively. Within a few short years the low cost, high fat burning workout became a global sensation in the fitness industry. The PPL free music and predesigned workouts each month has attracted thousands of instructors.

Following the success of Fatburn Extreme® the business launched it’s second concept in August 2017. GameFIT®, is designed to improve the performance of athletes. This new concept has provided instructors with a results driven product suitable for to sports teams including football, netball & hockey. The benefits are evidence based and managers have commented on their players’ performance.

T30 Fitness Training now have two multi award winning concepts targeting two different markets. The astounding customer results have led to the brands strong reputation and success. T30 recently replaced 2 of their UK competitors in 4 national gym chains.

Founder Dianne Teo says “It is an honour to have achieved this prestigious award. It’s hard to believe in just 3 years we’ve rapidly gained traction with our workouts being taught in gyms, schools, hospitals, sports clubs & police forces, globally”.

Discover more information here on our award winning concepts.

Fitness Training Provider Wins Award
T30 Fitness Training wins Export Business Of The Year Award
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